Hello and Welcome!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We are delighted to be creating your wedding stationery for your big day at NithRidge Estate. 

Liz Kotsamanes in a rainbow striped dress with brick background


Allow me to introduce myself- I'm Liz Kotsamanes ( KOT- SA- MON- EES-- yes, I know, it is a mouthful!) and I will be your stationery designer. I have been designing for the last 5 years now, and I am really excited that you're here. I hope to make this experience easy and simple, and hopefully even fun!

A few bits of housekeeping:

Kindly only choose the items you have purchased in your package to avoid disappointment. If you are unsure, please contact us. If you wish to purchase additional items after you have already purchased, please contact us and we are happy to assist.

Save the Dates are photo save the dates as they are by far the most popular! If you would rather have one that matches your invitation, no problem! Just contact us for more information. We can do that for you at no extra charge.


Each invitation suite comes with an invitation, rsvp and envelopes with address printing. Additional co-ordinating pieces can be purchased if you wish. We strongly recommend including an additional card with a website, in case anything should change. We also recommend collecting email addresses when sending out reply cards, in case you need to contact your guests with any changes.

Please indicate the corresponding number of your style choice when you fill out your wording forms. You will receive a proof prior to printing to make sure everything is just right!

Viewing the collection:

To view our NithRidge Save the Dates Collection, please click here.

To view our NithRidge Invitation Collection, please click here.

To view our NithRidge Envelope Liner Collection, please click here.

To view our NithRidge Day of Stationery Gallery, please click here.

To view our NithRidge Thank You Card Collection, please click here.

If you have an questions or need assistance, please contact us at