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A Wedding Invitation Checklist-How to be Prepared for Meeting With Your Stationer

While a good stationer can make the process of creating custom stationery a breeze, you can make the process go more smoothly by having your important details all ready to go. Here is a handy checklist that you can use prior to meeting with your stationer to make sure you have everything in order.

Wedding invitations are made up of several parts. Typically, at minimum, you have your wedding Invitation and your RSVP card, so that you know who will be attending.

Invitation Card:


Your invitation has all of the who, what, where, when information on it, so it is important to have that finalized prior to creating your invitations.

The Who:
Decide who is hosting the wedding- either the couple, or members of the family, such as the parents of the couple. Whomever happens to be hosting, make sure that you know the correct spelling of those who will be included! It would be a real shame if there was an error in spelling and the invitations had already been printed!

The What:
Is it a celebration of marriage, nuptuals, or is someone getting hitched?

The Where:
Have your venue information ready- both the ceremony location and the reception location, have them booked, and have the correct spelling and address ready.

The When:
Have the times of your ceremony and reception settled with your locations, and ready for your stationer.

RSVP Card:

When do you need your guests to RSVP by? It is important to check with your caterer to find out when they need to know the final guest numbers. Plan your RSVP by date accordingly. We recommend a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the wedding date.

Do you want to include a meal choice for your guests? If so, you will need to have your menu prepared in advance.

Do you want to ask guests about dietary restrictions? If so, make sure that your caterer is willing to make accommodations for food sensitivities.

Additional Cards:

The Details Card:

Do you have additional information to convey to your guests?

If you are having a multiple day event, or have a shuttle bus, or any other important instructions, they generally go here. Occasionally, couples will choice not to do an RSVP card and use a website instead. The details card is a great place to include this information. This way, your invitation stays uncluttered and beautiful!

The Accommodations Card:


Will you have out of town guests? If you have arranged for hotel accommodations, have the hotel information, date that guests need to book by, and the code that the guests need to use when booking.

Guest Information:

It is important to have your guest list and addresses prepared for your stationer. This will help you with knowing how many invitations you should order, and will be important if you are having your stationer address your invitations. Generally, a stationer will begin addressing the invitations as soon as they have gone into production in order to coordinate all of the pieces of your invitations to be ready by the time you need them. If you have ordered liners, printing of addresses needs to happen prior to liners being applied to the envelope, which take time to assemble. If you don’t have this information ready, it might slow down the process and take longer to complete. This is especially important in the case of a rush order.

Also, if you know how many invitations you need, you will save yourself time and money! It is much less expensive to order the correct amount of pieces the first time. If you have forgotten some and need to order more, it can be very costly due to factors such as shipping costs, minimum order quantities, etc.

If you have these things prepared when meeting with your stationer, you can make the process easy peasy!


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